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A former college classmate turned-NBC-TV national news correspondent once told me that he made a career choice—to report the news rather than read the news.

Here at RACmonitor we’ve been reporting a considerable amount of news this year with our weekly news and information service plus nearly 60 special news bulletins on breaking stories, many of which were about the coronavirus pandemic.

As while we were part of history, you and I have lived through a remarkable chapter in our nation’s healthcare history much of which is now conveniently packaged for you at this link. Here you’ll find our top Monitor Mondays podcasts and RACmonitor news features.

Top 5 RACmonitor articles in 2020

  1. Automated Downgrade of Emergency Physician Visit Codes Coming April 1
  2. CMS Releases New MOON, Important Message from Medicare, and Detailed Notice of Discharge
  3. The Demise of the Medicare Inpatient-Only List – The Myths and Facts
  4. CMS Releases Tsunami of Waivers
  5. COVID-19 Impacts Regulations on SNF Waivers and Telehealth

Top 5 RACmonitor Podcasts in 2020

  1. S10 E10 – Converting Medicare Patients from Inpatient to Outpatient and Condition Code 44
  2. S10 E1 – 2020: Look Out, Look Ahead
  3. S10 E11 – EXCLUSIVE: COVID-19 by the Numbers
  4. S10 E12 – EXCLUSIVE: Monitor Mondays COVID-19 Town Hall Q&A
  5. S10 E5 – Exclusive: The AI Arms Race in Medicare Audits

Chuck Buck

Chuck Buck is the publisher of RACmonitor and is the program host and executive producer of Monitor Monday.

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