Rural Roads…take me home

Reflecting on yesterday’s Earth Day, brings back fond memories of life in rural America.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Christel Kemble is the PSI/HAC consultant for Covenant H.I.M. She has 23 years of nursing experience with four years as a PSI specialist at a large multi-system hospital system. Her passion is educating hospitals of the caveats of these measures. She serves as one of the Kentucky/Southern Indiana ACDIS Chapter co-chairs. 

When I think of my life, a big part of it is living in rural America. Plenty of front porch sitting, looking at the stars, knowing your neighbors and where they were before they got home, and lots of nature. The sights, tastes, sounds, smells and the wonders of it all- be still my heart.

The smell of a fresh cut fields is still one of my favorite things. Sitting on your front porch and watching a storm roll in and having the best view because you could smell the rain coming, is priceless in my book. Going for a hike and finding wild blackberries and popping one in your mouth… and knowing you don’t have to worry about the fertilizer that was used, again priceless.

Rural roads will lead you to some of the clearest and most spectacular skies. The moon being your only source to light your way, especially when it is full. To look for constellations while laying on a blanket on a summer night or seeing if you can find the man in the moon. You can see stars that seem never ending and if you’re lucky, you will get the chance to wish upon a shooting star.

The quiet is a different kind of quiet, that is not really so quiet, if that makes sense. It’s the sound of a breeze blowing through your hair. It’s waking up to chirping birds, hearing crickets and frogs at night. I have a creek that runs through my property and it is a rare treat that I often look forward to- the sound of bullfrogs at night… I’m not sure why but they always bring a smile to my face.

I can remember as a child loving dandelions…especially making wishes while trying to blow all the seeds off in one breath. As an adult, I began seeing them as a nuisance – a weed. I no longer saw the beauty of their brilliant yellow and anticipation of their change. I started dreading the transformation into seeds… nor would I even consider blowing them all over creation to spread more for next year. However, the past 2 years have helped me regain an appreciation of nature and all of it’s offerings, if we decide to take care of it. I now look at a dandelion and again see its wonder of all it has to offer-essential oils, teas, and even jellies.

As we celebrated Earth Day yesterday, I reflected on my life in Rural America and what it means to me. For me the peace is medicinal and a self-sustaining lifestyle.  I have lived other lives and rural America is where this country girls heart is. I hope to keep my perspective of seeing the beauty vs. the weed. In fact, I wish this for us all.

And yes… I now see a dandelion and make wishes again – this time it’s for us all.

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