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From the Publisher

Dear Colleague,

For many of us Monday, May 31 could slip away as another Memorial Day and a day that we don’t have to be in the office or maybe it’s one more day of a long weekend—perhaps mask-free.

But, this year, let’s stop for a moment—a tiny fraction of time—and think about those brave men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom we enjoy today. Think for a moment about the wives who waited for news of a husband’s return from the war; the children longing for a word about dad coming home who never did. Think about brothers and sisters who would never again see their brothers and sisters again and the profound sense of loss. Think about the men and women who unselfishly rolled up their sleeves and enlisted in World War II to fight in lands far away and on vast seas separating faraway continents.

This is why we should pause for a moment in solemn silence. And this is why, perhaps as never before, we need to reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day in 2021.

And that is why, in some small measure as we observe Memorial Day, there will no Monitor Mondays on May 31 nor Talk Ten Tuesdays on June 1.

We will be silent.

In the meantime, you can listen to on-demand broadcasts of Monitor Mondays and Talk Ten Tuesdays. We’ll be back in your inbox on Thursday, June 3 with another up-to-the-minute edition of news and information on audits and auditors on RACmonitor.

Chuck Buck
Publisher of RACmonitor


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